Open Robust Infrastructures (ROBIN)

ROBIN is a project in the 2005 EC call on Preparatory Action for Security Research. Our mission is to research and develop an operating-system infrastructure capable of protecting against the threats our information and communication infrastructure is currently facing.
The objective of this Preparatory Action is to explore key technologies for a small, robust platform that can host legacy operating systems and their applications, but that is small enough to undergo formal analysis and construction techniques. Preliminary studies have shown that in the order of a hundred thousand lines of code can be sufficient. The platform is comprised of the Nova microhypervisor and the Bastei secure operating-system layer. It will allow applications to be split into security-sensitive and other parts. It will also allow applications to fall-back into an emergency mode. This platform will be open and originate from Europe which will establish an alternative to proprietary US solutions that we expect to appear soon.

The project has been accepted under the Grant Agreement no. SEC5-PR-104600. The project started February 2006 and ended April 2008.


Publishable Project Deliverables

The Bastei TCB Construction Kit

The Nova Microhypervisor

The sources of the Nova microhypervisor and corresponding documentation will be published in December 2008.

Formal Specification and Verification of the Nova Microhypervisor

Further information is available on the respective web pages of the project partners.


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